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Join Jakob & Leticia as they visit their future at life’s four destinations with The Time Traveler!01-TTT-front-cover web

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Research is clear; student who can visualize and talk about their future seem to be more hopeful than students who can’t. And students who are hopeful do better in school, family and community. Kids at Hope calls that “Mental Time Travel”: The ability to visit your future, return to the present and prepare for the journey. Kids at Hope also believes that the ability to mental time travel is learned like learning to tie one’s shoes or learning a language. Either it is taught formally or informally, but it is taught.

This story is our introduction to the concept of Mental Time Travel. We believe this story will resonate with all children from pre-school through eighth grade. We sense it has a message for older student as well. Allow older students to read the story of The Time Traveler to younger students. They too will get the message.01-TTT-front-cover web

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