The Soul, Science and Culture of Hope



Hope demands to be understood—no different from other disciplines.

My goal is not to provide a scholarly analysis, but to add to the general discussion about hope and how it can translate into a strategy for all. To achieve that, I have chosen to address three major components that I believe the reader will find inspiring, empowering, and transformational.

These three parts strike at an explanation and clarity that’s required to recognize hope as a powerful ally in our collective efforts to support the physical, emotional, intellectual, and economic success of all children and adults.

This book, then, will ardently investigate the soul, science, and culture of hope.

For those whose search for hope continues or has been temporarily stalled, I trust you will not give up on your quest, and possibly find some value in the following pages.

Author: Rick Miller

Foreword by: Antwone Fisher

Pages: 163

Dimensions: 8.25 × 5.5 × 1 in

Binding Type: Paperback

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