“I Know” by Tyriek Ganious



A nine-year-old’s poignant story of hopelessness and hope

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This book, all of 11 pages long, will capture your heart and soul. It is written by a nine year old boy with little editing. It’s a poignant story of hopelessness and hope and of innocence lost and found. Very rarely, or ever, do you find such a powerful story written in the voice of a nine year old.

The title I Know, conveys the author’s exposure to life’s horrible side. He does KNOW and he shares it in a way that pulls you into his life. In just nine short years on earth he knows too much about about drugs, child abuse, hunger, and homelessness. He also KNOWS that adults hold the key to hope if they wish to share it.

Although the book has universal appeal to all ages, his primary reason for writing it is to let other children experiencing the same horror to know they are not alone and they, like our young author, Tyriek Ganious, can make it.

Here is an excerpt:

“I know what it feels to be seven years old and have to watch a two year old by yourself. It’s hard because you have to change diapers, and he’s crying because he’s hungry. It’s hard because you have to deal with his whining and you don’t know when your momma will be back. When she would leave, it could be two hours or twenty four hours, you never knew.”

The book has now been professionally published and it is illustrated by Tyriek as well and only available through Kids at Hope. tyriek cover

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